ITC Distance Learning

Creating Community at a Distance...

Who We Are

Vision Statement

The Interdenominational Theological Center's Distance Learning Department is committed to becoming a global leader in new approaches, technologies and modalities for the holistic ministerial preparation of the non-traditional adult learner.

Mission Statement

Through innovative web-based technologies, we will strive to deliver accessible on-line instruction, superior customer service and an exceptional user experience to the non-traditional adult learner seeking a graduate theological education.

Our Values

Excellence through Service:
Our commitment to excellence shows when we provide the best service we can to our students, our faculty and the staff consistently.

Academic Integrity:
We demonstrate academic integrity in everything we do so students are assured that their investment in The lTC is a good one. From setting high standards for faculty responsiveness to our open and honest communication channels, academic integrity is a two-way integrated process.

Creating community at a distance:
Ensuring our students are integrated with the larger institutional community by providing access and interaction with all the programs, events, forums and denominations at The lTC.

Using cutting edge technologies to create a compelling online l earning environment that is relevant, timely and easy to use.

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ITC Distance Learning

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