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The ITC Story

There is no other theological institution in the world quite like ITC. It was founded in 1958 as a consortium of four seminaries, which grew to six. ITC represents African-American religious and social heritage dating to the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. ITC offers a theological education ideally suited for bringing prophetic vision to the modern condition on a global scale. ITC also serves as a model of ecumenical possibilities. The cooperation of six seminaries with distinctive traditions shows an unprecedented collaborative spirit operating among Baptists, United Methodists, African Methodist Episcopal, Christian Methodist Episcopal, Church of God in Christ, and Presbyterian Church (USA) denominations. Through ITC, they share faculty and curriculum, supplemented by denomination specific courses in history, doctrine and polity. The student body is diverse not only in denomination, but also in age, race, gender, nationality, and circumstances. Many students are second-career ministers, mature and established with pastoral and family responsibilities.


About The ITC Distance Learning Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) Program

Distance Learning has become a popular and accepted learning modality that enhances the student’s ability to attend courses from a distance (the teacher and students in different locations) with the same rigor and quality as courses offered in the classroom and on campus. Online courses are conducted in asynchronous lessons, meaning that the student can engage in discussions, assignments, and other forms of course work at any time of the day or night as their schedules permit. In some courses there may be synchronous course work, which means the instructor and student meet at the same time of day online. This is planned for by the instructor and students ahead of time.

Some important distinctions need to be understood. Online learning courses are not the same as learning in the classroom. The student will need to take responsibility for seeking answers and becoming a self-motivated learner. Online courses require good time management, planning, writing, and communication skills. Students will also need adequate technology skills or the willingness to learn technology quickly. There are helpdesk services available to students who need additional help or trouble shooting advice.


ITC's Distance Learning Program Gives You The Opportunity To:

  • Earn a Masters of Divinity degree from the world's premier graduate theological institution right in your hometown
  • Share in the rich Afrocentric educational fabric of the ITC curriculum
  • Receive dynamic instruction from ITC's world-class faculty
  • Engage in study with other ITC students in an ecumenical environment, representing six affiliate seminaries, the Lutheran Center of Atlanta at ITC and students in the Richardson Fellowship, representing eight other denominations.


Appling For Admission Into Distance Learning Program

The ITC distance learning program is part on the ITC Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program. To participate in ITC distance learning you must apply and be accepted in the ITC M.Div program.

We encourage you to experience the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) by speaking to our dedicated and experienced Addmission and Recruitment staff.

Financial Aid Information

Many students attending graduate school are looking for financial aid to help pay for it. To get more information on applying for financial aid contact the ITC Financial Aid Office.